Last chance to cancel the excise increase before border stations close says IPRA.

Last chance to cancel the excise increase before border stations close says IPRA.

9th July 2024
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With less than two weeks to go before we see a further excise increase on road fuels as part of the Governments’ restoration of duty, IPRA are calling on the new Finance Minister, Jack Chambers to hear the pleas of Border forecourts who claim this further increase will further diminish trade and could put some traders out of business.

David Blevings, spokesperson for IPRA said, “While we all welcomed the temporary reductions in excise duty post the Ukraine invasion, consumers are still struggling with the cost-of-living crisis and a further increase in transport is just not feasible for some at the present time. Many of our border traders report losing fuel trade already to Northern Ireland as the UK did not increase duty rates. This is on top of loss of trade due to mineral and grocery shopping following the increase of the ReTurn system in the Republic.

We have already seen an increase on the 1st April 2024 of 4 cent, 3 cent and 1.7 cent per litre, (inclusive of VAT) on petrol, auto-diesel and MGO respectively and the plan is to increase by the same amount on the 1st August.

This proposed increase will hit everyone in the pocket. From the individuals driving to work, families taking children to childcare, school and activities, and numerous businesses and station owners who provide local flexible employment in many towns and villages across the country.

There is little doubt, fuel tourism will decimate border towns and villages as petrol stations will lose forecourt and shop customers. Many will need to cut staff hours, local jobs will be lost, and local money will leave towns and villages heading North. While we recognise that Government has a budget plan, Ireland is currently running a budget surplus while its citizens are struggling under huge cost of living pressures. If the Finance Minister is looking to build confidence post-election, we would encourage him to work with consumers, not penalise them and ditch this excise increase now before it is too late”, added David.


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