The IPRA launched a quality assurance scheme in the summer of 2013. This was in response to requests from retail members’ in Dundalk who wanted to reassure their customers that the fuel being sold is of a consistently high quality and meets current Irish fuel specifications.

The purpose of the IPRA Accreditation scheme is to provide a recognised quality standard for motor fuels and safeguard the interests of consumers. Fuel quality is a vitally important consideration for everyone; poor quality fuel is one of the main causes of faults and breakdowns.

Following a successful launch in Dundalk we are offering the IPRA QA scheme across the island to IPRA member stations.


IPRA has introduced a fuel quality assurance scheme for members. For the benefit of the public, membership of IPRA is granted only if two existing members vouch for the applicant. In addition, a check is made to with Revenue to ensure the site has a valid autofuel licence and there are no outstanding issues. When admitted to membership they will be able to join the fuel quality scheme where they commit to engage in random fuel testing to verify the fuel supply.

A Beach Flag and Pump stickers will be displayed by those stations involved in the scheme. Testing is carried out by an independent testing company (TE Laboratories, Carlow) who issue a certificate acknowledging their adherence to the Irish Government specification on motor fuel quality.

In addition, the motorist can identify a participating station on our website meeting the QA standard.

The independent QA scheme has already gathered positive attention through the media based on the initial launch of the scheme in County Louth. The scheme has raised consumer awareness about the importance of fuel quality.

Any accredited producers or suppliers that fail the independent test will be subject to a stringent review procedure and removed from the database.



  • The fuel will meet current Irish Government specification for motor fuel quality.
  • The service station operator will have a verifiable audit trail guaranteeing the authenticity of the fuel product.
  • It provides a guarantee that the fuel you buy meets recognised standards and fulfils the required specification for your vehicle.


Liability for fuel quality resides with the retailer however we hope this scheme will help provide confidence about fuel quality to both the motorist and the the service station owner.

In the unlikely event that an issue about fuel quality arises the first step should be for the consumer to contact the retailer where they purchased the fuel directly and give them a chance to resolve the problem. If they cannot sort out the problem a customer may ask to talk to a supervisor or manager.

However if the customer is still not happy with the decision or explanation provided by a fuel supplier participating in this scheme, we encourage the customer to contact the IPRA who will review the complaint. IPRA will deal fairly and effectively with any complaint and do everything we can to reach a satisfactory outcome. Most importantly we aim to learn from complaints, to prevent recurrence and to improve the service the IPRA and its members provide to our customers.

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