IPRA calls for Excise Increases to be stopped…

IPRA calls for Excise Increases to be stopped…

23rd January 2024
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The Irish Petrol Retailers Association has launched a petition calling on the Irish Government and Minister for Finance Michael McGrath to immediately STOP the planned increase in excise in both petrol and diesel motor fuel due to take place on the 31st March 2024.

We have already seen the biofuel cost increase by 2cpl in the New Year and if the proposed increases go ahead at the end of March fuel costs will increase by a further 8cpl (petrol) and 6cpl (diesel).

This increase will hit everyone in the pocket. From the individuals driving to work, families taking children to childcare, school and activities, and numerous businesses and station owners who provide local flexible employment in many towns and villages across the country.

The border counties will be hit worst as fuel will become approximately 22cpl cheaper in Northern Ireland for petrol and 10cpl for diesel. Fuel tourism will decimate border towns and villages as petrol stations will lose forecourt and shop customers. Many will need to cut staff hours, local jobs will be lost, and local money will leave towns and villages heading North.

David Blevings, spokesperson for IPRA said, “We have asked our members to place petitions on the counter tops in retail sites and ask customers to complete same. We believe we can show Minister McGrath that we have the full backing of Irish citizens behind our request. Our message is simple, “Help us to save you money and keep local businesses open”.


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