IPRA asks for an update on rates issue from EC competition authority….

IPRA asks for an update on rates issue from EC competition authority….

21st July 2020
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Dear Iveta

We refer to previous correspondence and many thanks for your continued interest in our dilemma.

While we do understand the unfortunate circumstances which has led to a delay in reviewing and processing this case we would appreciate if you could give us an indication of a time line for a response.

As we have stated in our communications there is a huge disparity in valuations between forecourts and large retail operators following the revaluation by the State in 2017/18.

Our issue is that many of our retail members have been invoiced for their rates based on the new valuation that we contend has been calculated using an unfair and anti-competitive methodology. A large number of our members have appealed the valuation issued but with an appeal taking up to three years to be heard we have genuine concerns that some members will not survive especially with some increases payable of up to 500%.

This is grossly unfair and we should be grateful to learn if there is any way the Commission can ask or force the Valuation Office to defer or hold off on the cases that are under appeal so these business can survive?

Your early response would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Michael Griffin

Michael Griffin CEO

Irish Petrol Retailers Association

E: office@ipra.ie

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