Government goes ahead with Petrol and Diesel Excise increases tomorrow….

Government goes ahead with Petrol and Diesel Excise increases tomorrow….

31st August 2023
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The Irish Petrol Retailers Association (IPRA) is disappointed that the Government is continuing to implement the scheduled increase on fuel excise duty on 1st September. “When global oil costs are increasing, now is not the time to stretch struggling families and businesses even further. This the second of three scheduled increases that the Government had planned and will almost certainly negate any work that has been done to decrease back-to-school costs for families as they will be paying more for transport. In the run up towards Christmas, families are struggling enough without paying more for their fuel. Many have no alternatives but to use their cars for work and to get children to and from school and childcare”, said David Blevings, spokesperson for the IPRA.

“There is a further increase scheduled for the 1st of November 2023. If this increase goes ahead stations along the border will be forced to close as there will be a differential of up to 14cpl on petrol and 6cpl on Diesel compared to stations in Northern Ireland. We believe consumers will be forced to make the economic decision to cross the border to fuel and other purchases to save money and this could ruin local border communities”.

“We believe the further increase must be cancelled”, added David.

IPRA member and forecourt owner in Ballyshannon/Belleek (Donegal border) Terry Hughes said, “unfortunately I will have to close my doors at the end of September. Border fuel stations will not survive after this. We currently employ 25 people in an already deprived area. These people will be made redundant. There has been no thought given to these employees or the businesses which are hubs in these border communities”.

The IPRA has been told by the Department of Finance that this issue will be reviewed in the October Budget, and we urgently call on the Department to cancel the next scheduled increase due on 1st November 2023.

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